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ExtiqueTM Active Carb Counter

More Than 400 Food Listings!

This convenient breast-pocket sized Active Carb Counter provides more than 400 real food listings plus a complete protein section. Practically portioned by cup-spoon measurements so you quickly learn to visualize portions. You know what a teaspoon or cup looks like, but 5 ounces? Get this and you won't need a food scale

Fits easily in a purse or pocket and puts at your fingertips invaluable information about how many insulin-raising carbohydrate grams are contained in foods. The Active Carb Counter allows you to make intelligent and informed decisions about which foods to eat, thereby facilitating compliance with the carb limits and minimums of the NHE Eating Plan. Don't get "nickeled and dimed to death by hidden carbs" - knowledge is power, and good things come in small packages!



The American public is finally coming to realize that carbohydrate consumption must be curbed in order to achieve lasting fat loss and optimal health. But virtually everyone is miscalculating carbohydrate intake by heeding the "total carb" representations on package labels, rather than "active carb." This handy booklet explains the significance of "active carbs," and provides hundreds of listings of the active carb content of foods.



"Much more important than the popular "glycemic index" is how many grams of insulin-generating carbohydrate a food contains. The Extique Active Carb Counter provides this critical information."

Rob Faigin, author, Natural Hormonal Enhancement


"Thank you for the Active Carb Counter. Now I don't have to lug around a 3 pound book and wade through pages of processed foods to find the foods I want to eat. What a joy." 
                            Millie Wooten, Cleveland, OH


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