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Beyond Stretching: The Book
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Power to the People: Russian Strength Training Secrets
The Pavelizer: The Ultimate in Abs training

"Stop Being The Victim Of Outmoded And Often
Downright Dangerous Stretching Techniques:

Regain The Buoyant Flexibility Of A Young Child
While Maximizing Your Power and Strength"

By Pavel Tsatsouline


Item# B09

Illustrated with over 100 photographs

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Soviet Special Forces Coach Reveals The Breakthrough Techniques And Key Secrets Russian Athletes Used To Beat Their Western Counterparts----Time And Time Again.

Have you any idea how much time and effort you've been wasting on useless -- if not dangerous--stretching routines?

Have you any idea how many false limitations you're placing on your own flexibility right now, thanks to outmoded and befuddled notions about warm-ups and stretching?

You're going to hate this, but most but most of the advice you've had about stretching and warm-ups has actually depleted and weakened you!

You are not going to prevent injuries by elongating your muscles and their associated tissues. Just the opposite. Save yourself from a world of useless hurt (and a ton of medical bills) when you learn the correct way to minimize injury.

Watch out! By being too flexible in the wrong kind of way, one national level aerobics competitor had her leg almost completely ripped off. Find out why and how you may be setting yourself up for needless injuries. Learn what NOT to do, before it's too late!

An accident is an accident, but if you practice these Russian damage control secrets, it may save you from getting married to a wheelchair. Stop being the victim of dangerous myths. Take back control. Regain your natural birthright of maximal flexibility, anywhere, anyhow, anytime.

Young, Old, Male, Female, In-Or-Out Of Shape---It's Not Going To Matter -
When You Use These Simple Techniques You'll Quickly And Safely Have
All the Stretch And Flexibility You Want Or Need. You'll Out-Perform Yourself, Amaze Yourself, Amaze Your Friends. The Results Are Undeniable.

Why do you think the Soviet Union used to pulverize us in the Olympics?---Superior politics, maybe? Well, not exactly........

How about massive money and research into how and why the body can function at its absolute peak?

How about a whole nation single-mindedly dedicated to being number one physically?---And doing it?

And how about you finally learning all these deeply researched fitness secrets that have made Russians the athletic envy of the world?

  • Do Full Splits, Within Six Months---Whatever Your Age Or Sex

  • Learn how to develop extreme range strength, the true key to injury prevention.

  • Learn the complete Joint Mobility Training Program, a Russian system for improving your joints' health, even when damaged by arthritis. Add years of better living to your life.

  • Learn Russia's most advanced method of Plyometric Flexibility Training&emdash;Learn speed-specific flexibility . To be flexible in motion, you have to stretch in motion, eventually at the velocity of your sport. Be truly dynamic now.

  • Learn how to display maximal flexibility without a warm-up. In properly conditioned people, the physiological changes needed for fight or flight such as increased temperature, fluid viscosity, circulation and muscle tone take only seconds. It is a necessity of survival. Why practice kicks in a self defense class if you can't use them in a cold parking lot when the situation calls for it?

  • Learn a unique technique to immediately boost your strength and explosiveness&emdash;giving you the edge over your competition, the first time you use it! For competitors in speed-strength sports like kick-boxing, powerlifting or track, BEYOND STRETCHING offers the high-tech alternative to pre-workout warm up and stretching: Complex Training. Learn a wealth of new training information for martial artists, such as a Soviet commando exercise that enables you to have maximal speed in you kicks even at the limit of your flexibility, or a unique method for strengthening the knee ligaments for faster and safer kicking.

  • Learn cutting edge training techniques for power lifting and training with weights. You will learn why the stretches you have been doing compromise your strength, and what Russian weight lifters do instead. Discover three special stretching techniques that build superstrength by manipulating your feedback loop, the same thing that enables desperate mothers to lift cars off their children!

  • Learn how much flexibility you really need and how to develop it in a fraction of the time you spend stretching today.

Be The Proud Owner Of A Dynamically Responsive Body-At Any Age!

  • Learn to wake up your proprioceptors in a hurry-for a vibrant start to the day and to stop feeling like the Tin Man when you get up in the morning.

  • Learn techniques to increase blood flow to your joints, lubricate them and keep their surfaces smooth and healthy, for pain-free, easy movement on a daily basis.

  • Learn the difference between plyometric and dynamic stretching-when to use the one, when to use the other for optimal gains

  • Learn special techniques developed by Dr. Fred Hatfield, the first man to officially squat over 1,000 pounds.

  • Learn the right way and right time to perform shake outs for optimal results in martial arts, plus some special cautions that will save you injury and bad kicking habits.

  • Learn twenty nine joint mobility and dynamic stretch exercises with full descriptions and photographs.

  • Learn twenty two isometric stretches with full descriptions and photographs.

  • Learn five additional key techniques for optimal performance with full descriptions and photographs.

  • Learn why resetting the sensitivity of your stretch reflex may be the key to injury prevention.

  • Learn why exercise machines can spell disaster for your body and why ballistic movement is the natural and safest way to workout.

  • Learn why dynamic stretching is so much more effective than slow stretching.

  • Learn how Dr. Judd Biasioffo surpassed ten state power lifting records without using a warm up.

  • Learn why isometric stretching is 2670/a more effective than conventional relaxed stretching.

  • Learn this surefire technique guaranteed to make your tendons thicker and stronger-a must for any martial artist or serious athlete.

  • Learn how plyometric stretching increases your strength with a zero increase in muscle mass.

  • Learn how Digital Fascial Planing can increase your strength by up to 20%.

  • Learn why you should never try to stretch your ligaments, and the danger signals to listen for.

  • Learn how the Russian principle of occentuotion develops strength in the range where you really need it for your chosen sport.

Item# B09

Illustrated with over 100 photographs




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